Monday, November 7, 2016


Happy Monday! Since the semester is officially in full swing, mid-terms are in the past and winter break is in sight (hurry up, please!), I thought it was time to share an updated peek at what my days have been like! Usually my days end up being pretty hectic, but I try and squeeze in some relaxation and downtime when I can to keep stress levels low. Here's a little peek into my crazy days...

6:45-7:00... Wake up! 
I usually use this time to scroll through Instagram and Facebook before dragging myself out of bed.

7:00-7:30...Eat breakfast and drink coffee!
The most important part of my day! If I skip on breakfast or coffee, my whole day is thrown off and I'm not as productive. Usually my breakfast consists of a whole grain waffle with peanut butter and a big ol' cup of coffee. This is pretty quick, easy to make and keeps me full until lunchtime!

7:30-8:00...Get ready!
I never skip my skincare routine my morning isn't complete without giving my skin a good cleanse with my favorite Tula cleanserrefreshing toner, and hydrating eye cream. I don't wear too much makeup for class but I always like to wear my favorite powder foundation and mascara!

8:30...Leave for campus!
Since I don't live on campus, I like to leave pretty early to make sure I can get a good parking spot. I pack up my backpack and throw on my go-to outfit that usually consists of my lulu leggings and a comfy lilly inspired college sweatshirt and head out!

9:00...Work work work work work!
I usually get to campus pretty early (like, a few hours early!) so I can try and work on homework or File to Style stuff! I feel like I'm way more productive in the morning!

I have most of my classes in the afternoon, usually I'm in class for a few hours and between classes I eat lunch and hang out with my friends!

6:00...Get home & eat dinner!

7:00... Shower and get ready for the next day!
I try and pack my lunch, pick out my outfit and get as much as I can ready for the day so my morning won't be too hectic!

8:00-11:00...Study, work on homework, work on File to Style stuff!
Because it seems like all I do is study and work on homework. #Collegelife.

11:30-12:00... Lights out!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my day! What does a normal school day look like for you? 

PS all the cute artwork you see is from Evelyn Henson!

Angela & Amy