Sunday, January 31, 2016


That's right, you read it right- we're hosing our very first GIVEAWAY! We put together a bunch of our favorite little goodies, and we're going to give away this fun package to one of our insta friends! If you want to enter to win these cute Valentine's Day inspired prizes head on over to our Instagram page, find this picture and follow the directions in the caption! Good luck friends, we can't wait to share...

our favorite Sugar Paper planner so you can plan out your weeks and your months in style,

our favorite colored pens so you can color code anything and everything your heart desires,

our favorite reusable starbucks mug so you can have coffee with you where ever you go, 

our favorite Valentine's Day cards from the Target dollar spot so you can make all your love notes extra sweet, 

our favorite pink paperclips and binder clips to help keep all your important notes in one place,

and of course our favorite pink washi tape that will take your planner from file to style!

XOXO ~ Angela and Amy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I don't know about anybody else, but I'm a total bag-hoarder. I have them all from small everyday bags to huge mom bags that I can carry everything I could possibly need in. Right now I'm on a total tote bag kick- I've been on the hunt for something stylish yet functional that I can carry from class to work to the gym (on the rare or wherever the day takes me. So, I've rounded up some of my favorites that would be great for any occasion! Now I have to figure out how to have each one of these magically appear in my closet.... wishful thinking!

1. Barrington monogrammed tote- I love these totes, especially because you can completely customize it yourself! If I didn't just spend $200 on a textbook (#collegeprobs) then I would have loved to splurge on one of these! I love the pink and navy with the racing stripe!

2. Tory Burch "York" buckle tote- I've had my eye on this beauty for a while now! I think this bag would be perfect especially if you work in an office or have a more professional job. All the pockets make it super easy to stay organized and you can fit your laptop in the middle pouch!

3. Gigi New York tori tote- Can you sense a trend in color? I love light pink bags! I especially love this one from Gigi New York because it's such a practical bag. I could see myself not only using this to lug around my (expensive) textbooks but also as an everyday bag! Bonus: you can get it monogrammed! How perfect. 

4. Reversible blush tote- This bag is like a two-in-one since it's reversible! Plus you already know I love that blush pink color! And with it being under $50, it's perfect for almost any budget! Pssst- if you really want to be a savvy shopper this tote is on sale for $32 and comes in pink and navy!

5. Madewell transport tote- This bag is the most iconic practical tote bag- I'm pretty sure almost everybody has this in their closet. How could you not, it's adorable, timeless and would go with any style! I'm just imagining this beautiful bag filled with all my planners and pens...too perfect!

Thanks for stopping by! What are your favorite tote bags? Let me know in the comments can never have to many bags!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


 Hello everyone...and happy end to another week.  If you're anything like me Sunday is used to relax till around 2pm'ish then I get this extra wave of motivation to knock something off my to-do list before the new week starts.  I always try to end the week on a productive note.  One thing I've been putting off is organizing all the office supplies I've grabbed over the last few months.  I have to admit I can't walk into Target without hitting the Dollar Spot...every...single...time!  I may or may not have a pen/notebook/note card hoarding problem. Sometimes the items are so cute and for only $1-$3 I can't pass it up.  This leads to my next problem...where to store everything.  

During the holiday I stocked up on some extra Sugar Paper gift boxes so I decided to put them to good use.  

I filled the small white Sugar Paper box with all my extra pens and pencils so I have them all in one handy place. The medium sized pink Sugar Paper box is perfect for extra note cards and gift tags.  Then the large turquoise with gold dot box I snagged from Home Goods is perfect for all my extra notepads and desk accessories.

During one of the last big Tory Burch sales I bought a pair of shoes.  I just couldn't part with the super cute box and shoe bag.  I normally don't use the box to store my shoes so I decided to use the extra goodies for more storage.  I found one of the shoe bags to be perfect for my ipad and the other one perfect for holding notebooks and pens.  It's such a fun and stylish way to keep the things organized in my work bag. 

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next organizing project.  So much more colorful and cuter then the typical clear bins I've used in the past. Check out our Pinterest boards for more ideas and inspiration.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I've learned that morning routines are key to having a productive day, so it only made since to kick off my Student Success series with my own personal morning routine! I've been working on perfecting it for the past few months since I'm still learning how to balance my schedule with classes, work and blogging and I think I've come pretty close to having the perfect mix between relaxing and productive (with the exception of sleeping in until 10 a.m. every once in a while...oops!) to give me the motivation I need to make every day a great day! Here's a little peek inside my mornings...


I cannot even think about starting my day without showering first. Showering the minute I get out of bed immediately wakes me up. Even though getting in the shower first thing in the morning might not be the most appealing (especially in the cold winter months), I make it more "fun" by using products that smell really good and feel really good on my skin. I've been loving my Juice Beauty cleansing milk along with my Michael Todd cleansing brush to wash my face- it's really helped with my pores and redness! I also just recently discovered Soap & Glory and I'm obsessed with everything I've tried so far (I've decided that thisthis and this are never leaving my shower.) The John Frieda everlasting blonde shampoo and conditioner are always a favorite, they keep my blonde hair looking bright and fresh!


Coffee would definitely be my first priority in the morning if it wasn't for showering... after all, the brightest ideas always start with a cup of coffee! Coffee is essential for me to stay awake in all of those boring lectures during the week, plus it's a nice treat in the morning! Breakfast is also a very important part of my morning routine, without it I honestly couldn't function! Right now my go-to meal is two whole-wheat waffles with peanut butter, some fruit and my coffee with a little splash of almond milk; it's satisfying and keeps me full until lunchtime! 


While I'm eating breakfast I like to plan out my day, or if I've already done it the night before I like to take a look through my planner and see what the rest of my day is going to look like. I like to make to-do lists of everything I want to accomplish in the morning and then check them all off during the day as I complete the task- checking off the boxes is my favorite thing!


While I'm still sipping on my coffee I'll pull out my laptop and catch up on some blog posts, scroll though instagram (@filetostyle) and check my e-mail. I'll also use this time to complete any unfinished homework I might have, or have a last-minute study session before a test/quiz. 


The final step in my little routine is probably my favorite... getting ready! My go-to winter uniform has been an easy striped shirt with a fun scarf and my new favorite Tory Burch flats! I like to be comfy but still put-together no matter where I'm going, and this outfit combo never fails! 

I'm pretty simple when it comes to my beauty routine, but over the past few months I've found a few of my tried and true favorites I thought I would share! I wear my Tory Burch perfume almost every day, I love the scent so much especially because it has hints of peony in it! I really like to play up my eyes and I've found that the benefit roller lash makes my eyelashes look thick and curly while lasting all day, and I recently picked up this physician's formula eyeliner and I love it! It lasts all day without smudging around my eyes and it's easy to take off. Finally my Bare Minerals original foundation will always be my go-to because it's quick and easy!

And that's my morning routine! I do like to wake up a few hours prior to when I know my classes start to ensure I have enough time to do everything I want, and my mornings always end up being my favorite time of the day! Let me know in the comments below what your morning routine is, I'd love to know! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I can't wait to give you a little peek into how I'm going to stay organized this year.  The Sugar Paper/Target collab did not disappoint and had so many different items in the product line.  When it first came out I grabbed a few must have items without knowing how I was going to use them. I started using 2 planners simultaneously.  I always carry around the brown Sugar Paper calendar with note pages in my purse.  This allows me to always have a notebook handy to jot down ideas that come to mind.  I seem to do my best thinking in the car.  I then use the larger white with black polka dots planner for my desk.  I work from home a few days a week and I find the layout of this planner great to help organize all my to-do's.  Hope you enjoy the sneak peeks.  

xoxo ~ Amy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


With everybody heading back to school for the start of the new semester, it got me thinking about what comes along with going back to school... endless hours studying, homework, waking up early to get to those 8 a.m.'s on time, group projects, etc. Then I also thought that heading back to class isn't all bad, I mean who doesn't love fresh school supplies, a clean backpack, and excuse to have an extra cup of coffee in the morning?! Over the past few weeks I've been brainstorming ideas on how to make the most out of your semester, so I came up with a little mini series for File to Style; Student Success! In this mini series I'm going to be covering...

How to take the best notes in class, even during the most boring lectures.

The in's and out's of everything you need to make the most out of your day spent on campus.
(Hint: sneak peaks inside my backpack... we can all admit we're a little nosy!)

The key to productive mornings that will keep you motivated throughout the day. 
(Spoiler: it may or may not be donuts.)

And of course, how to organize your crazy busy life with tips and tricks to get the most crossed off your to-do list!

I can't wait to start sharing more in this new little series! Since I just started going back to class this week I'll be working on getting these posts up very soon! As of right now you can expect to see these go live on WEDNESDAYS- so don't forget to check back for my first post next week! As always, stay tuned because we'll still have our usual posts go up in-between! If you have any requests for other topics you'd like to see me cover in student success make sure to leave them in the comments below!

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Hello and happy Sunday! We both love our Day Designer planners so much, so today I decided to do a little review / comparison of the 2015 flagship edition and this year's mini edition. Both are really great and make planning out your day a breeze, however there are a few differences that I noticed with the mini version as compared to the full sized version. Keep reading for a peek inside both planners...

First off, the size of the planners is significantly different, which also offers a slight difference in price.  The larger flagship edition is 9" wide X 9.75" tall and is $59. The mini is 6.625" wide X 8.3" tall and $49. It all depends on your schedule and how involved your planning process is when you're deciding between the two sizes. Personally, I use the mini size for all my daily to-do's and my schedule is pretty packed being a full-time student, working 25-30 hours a week, any social commitments I want to do and now keeping up with our blog, and I find the mini to have just enough room to keep track of all that!

Both planners are super durable and made to hold up throughout your jam-packed year. The covers and the gold corners will keep your planner protected from tossing it in your bag or those inevitable early-morning coffee spills and the spiral bounding is sturdy and will hold up even after constantly flipping through all your to-do lists. 

The Day Designer offers a wide range in pattern options for the cover of your planner- we all know that picking out the pattern you want is one of the most important because you have to make sure you're going to love it all year long! Luckily, Day Designer offers classic prints and patterns that will be sure to never get old. They also offer more fun, colorful in collaboration with other companies that will brighten up anybody's day!

Each planner has a pocket on the inside of the front cover. The pocket on the larger planner can fit full-sized papers while the mini pocket doesn't fit much, I do keep a few things in the pocket that i find important, however I do have to fold up my 8x11 papers.

One thing that I loved from the 2015 edition was that there was a notes page before each monthly layout- in the 2016 mini there are only a few notes pages scattered through the planner, some months have them and others don't. In my opinion that's a little strange. I would prefer having a notes pages in front of every month so I could keep track of my monthly goals/progress/just have somewhere to jot down important monthly reminders. 

The monthly layouts are pretty similar in both planners. Basic layout with a Monday start to each page and neutral colors. I like the plain colors throughout the planner because it gives you more freedom to decorate with your own color scheme! 

Finally, the best part- the daily planning pages! The main difference between the larger size and the mini is on the "today" side; the larger size goes from 5am-9pm while the mini only goes from 7am-7pm. Personally I don't mind the shorter day, I think it helps me manage my time and prioritize everything I need to get done. However if you have a busier/ earlier/ longer day, it would make more since to go with the larger planner. 

There you have it. an overview of not one but two of the Day Designer planners! Overall, I love this planner, and after using it I can't see myself ever going back to a weekly planner. This planner helps keep me organized and motivated to get everything done and it's so much fun to use! If you have any other questions let me know in the comments below! Also, if you would like to see an in-depth post talking about how I actually use/ organize my planner that will be up very soon! Stay tuned!


Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hello, and happy 2016! To kick off the start of what is going to be the best year ever, we made a round-up of our favorite desk essentials inspired by the pantone colors of the year! Rose quarts and serenity are two of our favorite colors, and together they're even more beautiful. Just imagine a desk topped off with all these gorgeous goodies-perfect! In case you need any further convincing that you have to add these beauties to your cart...

This gold dot notebook would be perfect for jotting down all those boring lecture note or for writing down your daily to-do's in style. 

You need this sassy mug from Ashley Brooke Designs to sip your coffee from each morning because you did wake up like this, and you're ready for anything!

This journal, because we all know that every bright idea starts off with a cup of coffee. 

I bet this candle smells just as pretty as it looks! I'm imagining it on the corner of my desk while I plan out my day every morning.... bliss!

These pens are perfect to write down our things to do, places to go and people to see. (PS- these are some of my favorite pens, I never go a day without using one!)

This adorable print from Evelyn Henson would be perfect to hang right above your desk as a year-long reminder to ditch the drama (and save it for the llama...)

These scalloped note cards are perfect for valentine's day! Who wouldn't love a hand-written note on these beautiful cards?

Thank you so much for reading! We've got a bunch of fun posts we can't wait to share in 2016, so make sure to check back soon! PS- we've finally set up our pinterest account and we've been pinning up a storm! Make sure to follow along because our pins are pretty exciting.... hint: a recipe for homemade donuts is involved and you don't want to miss out.