Monday, June 27, 2016


Happy Monday, friends! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and were able to soak up the sun! Here's a little peek into what we were up to this past weekend...

Photo #1: Downtown- One of our favorite ways to spend summer evenings is a trip downtown! On this particular day we rounded up the whole family for a little surprise party for our Mom. Of course we couldn't resist taking a walk down to our favorite chevron wall and pop into Starbucks for an iced coffee!

Photo #2: Pool day- Saturday was a beautiful, sunny (and hot!) summer day, so naturally I packed up and headed to the pool! My favorite summer days are always spent reading a magazine in a lounger while getting some sun and listening to my favorite music. Also, I'm pretty much obsessed with my new water bottle! S'well bottles are my absolute favorite, and once I saw the donuts on it... I just had to have it!!

Photo #3: Room re-do shopping- With our move coming up soon, I've been brainstorming so many new ideas for my new room. "Brainstorming" always leads me to Target for a little window shopping. One thing I've been obsessed with is throw pillows, and I fell in love with these cuties! Totally inspired the new color scheme for my room.
PILLOWS: Target throw pilloows- they have so many adorable pillows!

Thanks for stopping by! What did you do this weekend?

Angela & Amy

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer is finally here and we are loving every minute of it but part of us wish we were still kids and had the time off.  It's kind of a tease to have the first day of summer be on a Monday where most of us had to work. Why is it not a national holiday so people can have an extra long weekend...  

Whenever I work from home during the summer I always have good intentions to try working outside on my back patio.  But I have to be honest it doesn't exactly work out like I thought it would.  For instance, it's so sunny that I can't see my computer screen, I can't find the right amount of shade, the wind blows my papers all around and not to mention the bug distraction.  On really hot days I've given up the idea of working outside and just settled on the window with the best possible natural light.

Since my view is not all that spectacular other than having an abundance amount of natural light I thought I'd bring the view to all of you.

Check out our new Pinterest board for more offices with a view and in the meantime here are some of our favorites.

Check back all week for fun posts celebrating the start of summer.

Amy and Angela

Monday, June 20, 2016


Hello and happy first day of summer! We're so excited to soak up the sun and have so much fun! To make the most out of the season we made a list of fun summer things we want to get done before the leaves start to fall and our schedules become more hectic. I'm most excited about floating in a giant donut by the pool every evening and heading to the beach at the end of next month! Between the two of us, we have tons of fun ahead of us! What are some  plans you're excited about this summer?!

Angela & Amy

BTW- It's national wear your Lilly Pulitzer day! In honor we've rounded up some of our favorite styles... just click the pics and shop away!

Friday, June 17, 2016


Happy Friday!!  Now that school is officially out, the weather is finally warmer and the first day of summer is  next week everyone's travel plans will kick into high gear.  I know we  have lots of vacas planned and most include weekend trips to visit friends and family.  In fact I started packing for the first trip this weekend to attend a family birthday party.  As you can see I start by laying out what I'm going to pack for the main event to make sure I don't miss any of the important accessories.  I then start laying out the other outfits I'll need such as comfy travel day outfits, casual items for before and after the event and all the coordinating shoes I'll need.

Finding the perfect weekender bag is so important and I couldn't be happier with my Vera Bradley Weekender.  It fits so much and looks great while carrying it around town.

Here's a roundup of other weekender bags for your next trip:

Check back on Monday to see a roundup of what we were up to over the weekend.

Amy and Angela

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Yesterday was an exciting day for File to Style... We were featured on the homepage of the one and only Jack Rogers website! Jack Rogers sandals are one of our summertime staples, so to log onto their website and see myself right there was a total pinch-me moment! 

In honor of all the excitement we had last night, we decided to share our favorite sandals available on the website right now! Also, Jack Rogers now offers free shipping and free returns- a perfect excuse to celebrate with us and treat yourself to a new pair of summer sandals!

Luccia Wedge // Cork Nappa Valley Sandal (these are the ones I have!) // Lauren Sandal // Pineapple Sandals (need these ASAP) // Clare Wedge // Alana Sandal (obsessed with the tassels!) // Georgica Sandal

Thank you so much to Jack Rogers for making our day! We can't wait to collect more of these classic sandals as summers go by!

Angela & Amy

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hello and happy Tuesday.  As you know we are huge fans of the Day Designer.  Over the years we've both used a Day Designer and absolutely loved it (you can read it here) so you can imagine our excitement when they launched a line at Target.  I mean come on...what a great collab.

Right now we're having a give away for one of the Day Designer styles.  Check out our insta page to enter.

Keep reading for more details on one of our favorite designs.

For starters, don't you just love the first page.  It's so stylish and sets a very positive first impression. I don't always fill out the first page but it's still fun to stop and look at it every once in awhile.

These next few pages are such a great addition and I'm dedicated to use them this year.  The first page is all about the 'Big Picture'.  This page is intended to write down your dreams, ideas and visions.  I honestly can't wait to carve out time to do this.  It will be a great tool to reflect on and look back over throughout the year.  The next page is all about setting goals...personal, family, friends, heart/spirit, financial and work/career/study.  The third page helps you design your days to set yourself up to be successful.  The last page is designed to help you stay on course.  

Since these pages are so well designed I'm looking forward to using them to stay on course and remind myself of what's important.

One of the reasons we selected this planner is for the above layout.  I love, love, love having a 2 page monthly spread.  I use these pages to jot down high-level blog ideas, insta posts, and sometimes dinner ideas.  I really like the weekly sheets for appointments, after work activities and business meetings.

Well I hope you liked a deeper dive into this awesome Day Designer.

We plan on doing a few more of these planner reviews so stay tuned :-)

Amy and Angela

Monday, June 13, 2016


Happy Monday! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and hopefully were able to enjoy some summer weather! Here's a peek at what we were up to this weekend...

Photo #1: Target bargains- I popped into Target this weekend (as always) and couldn't stay away from these adorable candles! This candle pictured (paradise nectar) smells just like the popular capri blue candles at Anthropologie! For $10.99 you totally need this to display on your desk this summer.

Photo #2: Painting the day away- We've been super inspired lately and we've been cooking up some fun projects! This little pic may or may not be a special sneak peek... :)

Photo #3: Iced coffee and bright ideas- We had our weekly blog meeting at a local Starbucks this weekend and had so much fun! The best ideas always start with a cup of coffee, right?? We both tried out the new cold brew with sweet vanilla cream and love it! For sure my new summer go-to. :)

Photo #4: Fashion Fridays- Did you catch our last blog post? We're bring some style to File to Style! And this little off the shoulder number was such a fun place to start! Make sure to check back every Friday to see some fun, affordable fashion inspo!

Thanks for stopping by! What were you up to this weekend?!

Angela & Amy

Friday, June 10, 2016


top // jeans // Rebecca Minkoff bag // sunglasses (only $12!) // earrings // Jack Rogers

Happy Friday! Today we're finally bringing some style back to the blog! When I saw this adorable off the shoulder top at the mall the other day, I couldn't help but immediately run to the fitting room, fall in L-O-V-E and buy it without a second thought. This top would be perfect for dinners at the beach, date nights, or grabbing coffee with your BFFs... plus at under $40 your wallet will be begging you to buy!

Does anybody have any fun plans this weekend? I'm going to be camped out at sratbucks playing catch-up before my accounting test this Tuesday... wish me luck!!

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to check out the widget below, we linked a few other affordable off the shoulder tops we know you'll love!

Angela & Amy


Thursday, June 9, 2016


Since summer is pretty much in full swing around here, it has us dreaming of evenings spent by the pool, fun beach trips, and dinners spent out on the patio! Of course with a new season comes a new wishlist of fun goodies to help make the most of it. I recently picked up the giant donut pool float and I can't wait to spend every weekend lounging by the pool! Next on my list? The adorable tassel beach bag! At under $40, that's pretty much a no brainer. ;)

What's on your summer wishlist? And don't forget to enter our giveaway on Instagram!

Angela & Amy


Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This time of year is one of our favorites...a close second to the Fall and the Holidays.  Why you might ask?!?  It's the time of year when all the major brands launch their new agendas.  It's like agenda overload and to be completely honest we will probably try almost each one out.  Because they are all so cute and functional in their own unique way we tend to have different agendas for different aspects of our life.  The older half of File to Style works full time, manages a crazy house with a hubby and 3 kids while the younger half also works and is a full-time student.  So you can only imagine how different our lives are at times but at the root of all the chaos is a great agenda.

To kick off our favorite time of year we are giving away 1 Day Designer for Target to a lucky follower.  Jump out to our Insta feed to find out how to enter.

Good luck to everyone who enters.  The winner will be announced in 1 week from today so don't wait too long.

Angela & Amy

Check out some pics of the inside.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Now that the summer heat is in full swing it's time to step up my make-up products.  Just a few weeks ago I woke up to snow flurries and now the temps are staying steady at 80 degrees.  You can only imagine the havoc this can wreak for your skin. The heat and humidity can definitely change my skin from being very dry to now very oily.  I recently stopped at Macy's to find the perfect combo for my current skin condition.  I can't tell you how happy I am with the products I picked up.

Here's a run down:

1. Smashbox Photo Finish: I have to be honest I was a bit skeptical it could actually do what it says it can.  Such as "reduce fine lines, absorbs oil, matte finish...".  Let me be the first to say I'm now a full believer.  In the summer I get very shiny and oily and this stuff works wonders.  After the shower I still use my daily Aveeno Moisturizer  then I add the photo finish right on top.  I give it a few minutes to set before adding my foundation.  This is my new summer must have!!

2. Tarte setting powder: This stuff blew my expectations away.  I honestly thought I was a sucker at the makeup counter and getting talked into yet another powder that will end up in the back of my makeup drawer.  At first I didn't think it really did much until the day I forget to put it on.  This is now a must not forget finish to my make up application.

3. Bare Minerals Finisher Brush: I also have to give credit to this amazing brush for why I love the setting powder so much.  The brush is really the softest brush I've ever used.

4. Kate Spade Walk On Air Rollerball perfume: I wish you could smell through the computer because this perfume is my absolute favorite.  It has a perfect summer scent of every flower bottled up into one.  And the rollerball makes it easy to throw in my bag for quick re-applies during the day.

Last but not least...this necklace was a major MUST HAVE!!!  Nordstrom's has the best Kendra Scott assortment I just couldn't pass on this staple.  I've worn it with several outfits and I know it will be my go to summer accessory.

So there you have it...a few of our summer must haves.

Hope you enjoy!

Angela and Amy

Monday, June 6, 2016


Happy Monday, friends! 
Here's a little peek into what we were up to this past weekend...

Photos #1 & #2- National Donut Day: As you all know, Friday was National Donut Day! If you know me, you would know I'm addicted to donuts and couldn't resist celebrating, so my little pup and I took a little road-trip to pick up Dunkin' Donuts!

Photo #3- Starbucks "pink drink": Everytime I log onto Facebook or Instagram my feed is floded with posts and pictures of this pink drink from Starbucks. Obviously I had to try it out for myself (and take a picture of it too... do it for the insta!), the verdict? Love it! It really does taste like pink starburst!

Photo #4- a new Vineyard Vines: A few weeks ago a brand new vineyard vines store opened in Michigan! Of course we had to go check it out in person. They have the cutest things in there from whale shaped coozies to beachy jewelry toadorable dresses for every occasion! 

We hope you enjoyed taking a step into our weekend!

Angela & Amy

Friday, June 3, 2016


Happy Friday, friends! We hope you all had a good week filled with good weather, iced coffee and all the prettiest peonies! We can't wait to spend the weekend soaking up the sun with friends and of course working on some exciting projects we can't wait to share soon! For now, we're back with a little round up of what we've been loving this week...

Thanks for stopping by! And happy national donut day!

Angela & Amy


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


When it comes to agendas, I've literally tried them all. From the infamous Lilly agenda (which is what started my obsession in high school!) to Day Designer, to Erin Condren and everything in between, I've had a taste of every popular planner out there. Though you might think I'm a little obsessive about my planners, I can't stress how important it is to have some sort of planner to write out every assignment, due date, bill, appointment, coffee date, etc. to keep you sane! All the mid-year planners are starting to debut, and I'm so excited to pick out my new planner for the school year! Below I've rounded up all the prettiest planners I know you'll all love!

What planner are you going to use this year! I can't wait to share my new one... you'll have to check back soon to see what one I picked!

Angela & Amy