Friday, July 29, 2016


I don't know about you but my favorite part about my morning routine is coffee.... and drinking it from a cute mug makes it even more enjoyable! I seriously have so many coffee mugs that my cupboards are overflowing- but I can't help myself when I see another cute mug I know I can't live without! Since I'm basically an expert on everything you need to know about mugs now I decided to shop around and round up allll the mugs you need to add to your collection!

Evelyn Henson sloth mug (one of my personal favorites!)

Where do you find cute coffee mugs?

Angela & Amy

Thursday, July 28, 2016


For those of you who have been following us on Instagram you may have seen some sneak peaks of our flagship product.  After years of trying to find the perfect pen we decided to stop looking and just design our own.  But before we do any kind of formal launch we need to get our business details worked out and get all the administrative aspects organized.  Us File to Style gals love a good organizational project so we headed to...wait for it...Target.  I know we're so predictable :-) Our timing lined up perfectly with the Sugar Paper and Target collaboration.  We really went for timeless pieces that met our basic file needs as well as being stylish...our main motto.  

Magazine Rack - I was really looking for something to store file folders since I'm kinda limited on space and don't have a separate file cabinet.  Since this is designed to hold magazines it has plenty of room to hold a lot of file folders.  It's really a quality piece and looks great sitting off to the side in the corner.  I also love that it's multi-functional and can always move it to my family room to hold magazine in the future.

File Folders - These folders are so durable and sturdy they work great in the magazine rack.  Over the past year I've collected folders from different brands and although they are stylish they are so flimsy and totally bend when trying to display.  I have to honestly say I'm so impressed with the quality of these files especially for the cost.  12 folders for $5.99 is a great deal.  Not to mention they have a very simple and sophisticated look they will never go out of style.

Pencil Cup - I actually went to 2 different Target stores to track down this beauty.  I knew this stylish and affordable piece would be perfect for holding our new pens and it did not disappoint.  I absolutely love the way the pens they look displayed on my desk.

Tape Dispenser and Washi Tape - This is truly a dynamic duo.  I don't normally use scotch tape so I instantly knew I was going to use it for the washi tape.  I use washi tape all the time in my planner and notebooks.  It helps highlight things like project due dates and block off things like vacations.

Weekly/Monthly Planner - This planner has proved to be a perfect business partner for me.  I'm able to use the monthly spread for blocking off time and pencil in product timelines.  Then the weekly pages are great to get more detailed.  What I love about the weekly layout is all the days of the week are listed on the left page and the right page has a 'this week' section and 'remember~notes~to do' section. Both sections are checklists which is so helpful when working with multiple tasks such as launching a site and blog planning.

Post-It Notes and Sticky Flags - I was really happy to find out these sticky notes were made with the same high quality as traditional post-it notes.  I don't know about you but I can't stand sticky notes that don't stick.  I mean what's the point...right?  I use sticky notes all day long and by the end of a work day they are on my desk, computer, planner, and files.  I've picked up several packs just to stock up.

I'm pretty sure I'll end up picking up a few more items but I had to draw the line somewhere :-)  

All of the products I mentioned are still on and stock is very limited at the stores so I suggest to buy what you want now so you don't miss out.

Angela and Amy

Monday, July 25, 2016


Is it just me or does this feel like the Monday-est Monday ever...?! Somehow that's always the case the day after you get home from a vacation! If you follow our Instagram and stay up to date with our blog, you would know I spent a week at the beach up north! It was so much fun to relax and spend endless hours by the water- so today I wanted to share some of the highlights of the week!

PS- If you're from MI, or are planning on visiting you have to check out Traverse City! There are so many fun things to do, and Downtown Traverse City is the cutest!


I love a good latte, especially lavender lattes! (I know it might sound odd, but trust me- try one!) My favorite little coffee spot downtown is Espresso Bay... OMG their iced lavender lattes are addicting! Now I'm wishing I had one, maybe I can figure out how to DIY one?!


I think my donut pool float has quickly become one of my favorite purchases this summer! There's nothing better than floating in a cute tube out on the bay on a hot day while watching all the sail boats float by.


My favorite shop up north is Dune Berry because they have the cutest selection of Lilly Pulitzer, Sail to Sable, Vineyard Vines and so much more! Of course I couldn't leave without a little souvenir... I was debating between this and this, but I ended up with the beautiful swing dress pictured! It's so comfy and perfect for throwing on in the summer!


The sleeping bear dunes are one of my favorite things to visit... however my dad somehow talked me into doing the dune climb all the way to Lake Michigan which is about 3 miles round trip. Usually 3 miles is nothing to me, but when you're walking on nothing but sand while going uphill and downhill while its 90 degrees outside... it adds up to a pretty good workout! I will say I'm glad I did it, and the view at the end really was worth the hike, but I won't be jumping at the chance to do it again anytime soon!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my week at the beach! Now I can't believe that summer is almost over!

Angela & Amy

Friday, July 22, 2016


The Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale has about everyone in blogging land, Instagram and just about any social media platform over the moon excited.  When a sale has it's own hashtag #NSale you know it's big.  Nordstrom's is also a marketing genius to have a 'sneak peak' early access shopping event for their card members.  I've honestly joined in on the excitement and went into my local Nordstrom's and shopped behind the curtains to see some of my wishlist items in person.  

Here's a few roundups of our favorite items to make your shopping a little easier.

striped shirt (<--- only $17!) // cowl neck sweater // cross front tee

Happy shopping and hope you find something fun!!

Angela and Amy

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Beach Cover Up // Malabar Bay (similar)
Donut Float // Target 

There's nothing like summer vacations in up north Michigan.  If I didn't tell you I know you'd never guess I'm standing in front of Lake Michigan on Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, MI.  With the natural ombre color to the lake it really is a beautiful place to vaca.  The area is very nautical, preppy with a laid back vibe.  I've popped into a few super cute shops in the area including The Dune Berry which carries all my favorite brands such as Lilly, Vineyard Vines and so much more. 

Here's a few of a my favorite vacation looks.  Oh and vacation hair, don't care has my been my motto and go to look :-)

Top // Old Navy

Romper // Target (similar)

Angela and Amy

Thursday, July 14, 2016


T-minus two days until I leave for a much needed beach vacation! I'm so excited to spend all day by the water and get in a full week of relaxation before I head back to school in September. To prepare for my week in the sun, I've spent all week packing and shopping for easy breezy outfits that will look cute, be comfortable and most importantly be light and airy since the temps look like they're going to be in the 90's all week! (PS- unfortunately my poor pup can't come along on this trip... but he's so cute I want to find a way to sneak him in... maybe in my monogrammed tote?!)

I wanted to pack a little bit of everything since I know our plans for this trip can range from going on a hike in the morning to dinner and shopping downtown in the evening. So I have everything from my favorite t-shirt dress and easy romper to comfy running shorts and my favorite Nike shoes! Also, I kind of packed with a color scheme to make it even easier to put together an outfit! As you can tell I have a ton of blue and of course my favorite little pink purse! 

Like I mentioned before, one day we're planning on going for a hike, so I put together a comfy outfit that won't be too hot. I found both my shirt and sports bra at Marshalls for under $8!

Packing something versatile, like a good pair of denim shorts that can be matched with different shirts saves a lot of room in your suitcase. Casual outfits like these can be quickly thrown on for a bike ride downtown or a walk to the corner ice cream shop! Cute, quick and comfortable.

Lilly Pulitzer dress (similar, this year's print) // Rebecca Minkoff mini MAB // Jack Rogers sandals

Since I'm a dress girl at heart, I couldn't forget my favorite sundresses! Weather its for walking around town thrown over a bathing suit or for a dinner downtown, you can never go wrong bringing along a few dresses.

Of course I had to make sure my beach bag was fully stocked since I'm planning on spending most of my time on the beach! I packed my favorite swimsuits, cover ups and alllll the sunglasses! Obviously the most important stuff. 

I can't wait to share more snaps from my trip next week, so make sure you're following along on our Instagram!

Angela & Amy

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Want to know why this time of year is so exciting for us girls at File to Style.  Agendas, agendas and more agendas. It's the time of year all the traditional academic favorites are making their comebacks as well as the new brands making their debuts.  I can't even tell you how hard it is for us gals to resist getting our hands on a new crisp planner so instead of fighting the urge we just give in so we can share our thoughts on each and every agenda with our loyal readers.

Both of us started our love for agendas with the classic Lilly Pulitzer monthly academic agenda.  It's so hard not to fall in love with the fun prints, bold colors, classic layout and inspirational quotes.  Maybe it's nostalgic to get excited and wrapped up in all the hype for the Lilly agenda launch but there's no way we couldn't run out and get our hands on the newest design as soon as they came out.

This year I decided on the Exotic Garden print.  I mean what's not to love starting with the cover to the first few inside pages.  I absolutely love the sticker options but do wish they gave more than 1 page.  I know I'll use more than 1 mani/pedi sticker in the next 12 months. Nonetheless they are fun, witty, and practical.  The prints are almost too cute to leave tucked away in the agenda all year.  I may take them out and incorporate into my inspiration board.  Once you see them in person you'll understand why it's a shame not to use them as art.

The month layout is very similar to previous years and has always worked very well for me.  I noticed the monthly tabs are nicely reinforced so they will hold up for the next 17 months.  One of my favorite touches on the monthly pages is the 'To Do' column on the right.  It's a great spot to jot down those must not forget items so they are front and center.  

One of the biggest switch ups I did this year was deviate from buying the typical layout with the month and weeks to this new monthly layout.  You'll notice in the picture below, rather than each day of the week having it's own section, each week of the month has it's own.  Since I'm the half of File to Style not in school I don't see myself using the day sections like I used to but I do see myself making notes of what needs to get done for that week.  

One of my favorite features of a planner is the section dedicated for notes.  I have to honestly say I'm a little disappointed there's not more pages and the note section is actually shared with addresses.  Seems a little out of place but I'll have to see if I end up using all the pages anyways.

I know some of you may be wondering if we are actually going to use all these agendas we're doing reviews on.  Well the answer is YES!  In some way, shape or form we will give each planner a trial run.  My ultimate plan for my new Lilly Agenda is to keep it on my desk and use for blog planning. Having it on constant display gives me a sense of peace and immediate inspiration as soon as I sit down.  I promise to post little snippets of the planner throughout the year on our insta page so don't miss out.  Hope this helps make your agenda decision a little easier.

p.s. If you're wondering where those super cute, perfect planner, pink and navy striped pens came from I suggest you follow along on our insta page.  We may or may not have a new product to launch soon...very soon :-)


Angela and Amy

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Lately I've been seeing a ton of daily routine posts pop up on my favorite blogs, and I have to admit- they've become some of my favorite posts to read! So I thought I would share what a typical weekday in my life looks like! My daily routine does vary depending on if I have work or what else I need to get accomplished for the day, but for the most part I have the same routine every morning and every evening!

Lately I've been addicted to listening to podcasts when I go for a run in the evenings! I followed a ton about blogging tips and interviews with some of my favorite bloggers and shop owners- They are so interesting to me! Right now I'm going through all the episodes of Smart Creative Women with Monica Lee and The Lively Show... if you have any other recommendations I'd love to know!

Also, I mentioned the book I'm reading on our Instagram- If you love cheesy Hallmark movies like we do, you'll love Mary Kay Andrews! Currently I'm still reading Save the Date but I want to pick up Beach Town for my trip to the beach next week!

PS- all the cute little pictures you see are by Evelyn Henson, we are such big fans of her work!

Angela & Amy

Monday, July 11, 2016


If you follow along on our Instagram and our blog, you would know that I've recently moved! To me, one of the most exciting parts about moving is redecorating your new space and right now I'm focusing on re-doing my desk! I'm pretty much starting off with a clean slate and I've been having so much fun brainstorming fun ways to arrange it. Of course I turned to Pinterest for inspiration as well as to see how some of my favorite bloggers styled their desks! Here is some of my favorite pics I found...

*Desk via Mackenzie Horan

*Desk via Lemon Stripes

Each desk is decorated so beautifully and really highlights their own personal style. When decorating a desk I believe it's important to have a good mix of fashion and function since your desk is supposed to be your work space that balances productivity and creativity. I put together a little inspiration board to help myself stay on track, especially since I can go a little overboard when it comes to stationary. I tried to stick to a bright, fresh color scheme of mainly white and gold but with a hint of pink and blue since those are my favorite colors! I can't wait to share my desk once I have it decorated!

See those cute navy and pink pens?? Make sure you're following on Instagram and checking back on our blog every day to stay updated on all of our fun projects we have going on!

Angela & Amy

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Shopping for a planner can be difficult... especially if you're like me! Since I've yet to find my "signature planner" I have a mental checklist of things I do and do not want. Most things I've learned from trial and error with other planners. Not to say the other planners I've used weren't great, however they just weren't practical for me in one way or another. 

For example, some things I've been looking for are a simple layout with nothing too colorful or distracting, a section for monthly calendars, a weekly spread and paper thick enough that my LePens won't bleed through. After some research I've found that the Rifle Paper Co. planner meets all of my needs! Bonus: The cover is so file to style!

First off, I really like the size of the planner- it's compact at the size of 6.75 x 8.25. Perfect for your backpack or tossing in your purse since it won't take up a ton of room! The inside cover has a beautiful gold print as well as a spot to write your name. Throughout the planner it sticks to a very basic color scheme, which I wanted so I could use my own colored pens without it looking too busy. 

The tabs on the side are reinforced to make sure they last all year long! I also love the front page with the signature Rifle Paper Co. flowers and lettering. You'll see that It will stick to that theme throughout! Very feminine and delicate.

The first section of the planner is for important dates. It has a list of the 2017 holidays as well as a place for you to write down birthdays and anniversary for each month of the year.

The next section is for notes. I like that this planner gives a pretty generous amount of note pages. Here I like to write down important information I know I'm going to need throughout the academic year- for example, my school's online information and my class schedules for each semester!

I'm very particular about my pens- especially the ones I use in my planner. I really love the LePens because of all the colors they come in and since they make my handwriting look nice! Since the LePens have a felt tip and I tend to write pretty hard I'm always nervous they will bleed through. Since I was curious I tested my LePens against our ballpoint pens to compare and I'm happy to report that neither of them bleed! 

One of the things that sets this planner apart from others I've tried is that all of the month by month calendars are in a separate section than the weekly planning pages. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like it, but once I sat down and put all my dates in it- I became a fan! Having all the months together makes it easier to plan out everything and flip back and forth when needed.

I love the way the weekly pages are layed out. It was one of the main reasons this planner stood out to me! Each day is separated into two columns with little check boxes- reminds me of a bullet journal style. Since I will typically have two classes a day starting in the fall, I think the two columns will make it really easy to stay organized! This set up is also good for daily to-do lists!

Another thing I love about this planner are the inspirational quotes for every week! I'm a sucker for quotes, so I was so excited that Rifle Paper Co. decided to incorporate them for every week!

As If this planner couldn't get better- in the waaaay back there is a section for addresses and contacts! I have a lot of town family and I love to write handwritten notes and thank you notes, so having a spot where all the addresses I need is really helpful for me! 

Finally, there is a pocket in the back to hold all of your important paperwork. This pocket is especially helpful because it has a little ruler on the side! Talk about attention to detail. 

All in all, I'm very impressed with this planner. Every detail seems very well though out, and the planner in general looks very user friendly. I can't wait to start using it next month and put it too the test! I'm especially thrilled that I can use my LePens knowing they won't bleed though! Stay tuned for an update on how I'm liking it as well as how I organize it sometime next month!

Thank you to  Rifle Paper Co. for this beautiful planner and amazing customer service! We will be lifelong customers for sure!

Angela & Amy