Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Is it just me, or has this back to school season seemed like the busiest one yet?? Maybe it's just because I started a new school this year, but I feel like all I've done the past few weeks is homework! Anyone else?

Since I'm constantly in the library or camped out at Starbucks getting work done, I thought I would start a little series on the blog about what tools I use to stay focused as well as what I lug around with me all day on campus since I commute five days a week. Today, I'm starting with a peek inside my pencil pouch!

Of course I have to start off with my cute pink pencil pouch that I scored at Target for under $10!

I like to keep a set of cute post-it notes handy so I can write out my to-do lists, or flag important notes in my textbooks and notebooks. The page flags in this set come in handy as well to mark my page in my planner!

I always make sure to keep a roll or two of correction tape on me at all times since I mainly write in pen. This is great for when I have a due date change in my planner, or if I mess up while writing notes during a lecture.

I never leave the house without my set of LePens since those are what I use to color-code my planner. I also like to use the different colors to make flashcards when I'm studying!

Highlighters are my BFFs because I literally use them for everything. I use these to cross of things from my to-do list in my planner, I use a different color to indicate when projects are due and when test dates are, and I also use them when taking notes to highlight important information!

I like to keep a few pencils on hand for my math class and for filling in scantrons on test days.

Last but certianly not least, I never go anywhere without a pack of our very own pink and navy striped pens! These honestly are my favorite pens because they write so smooth and they don't smudge!

Thanks for stopping by!

Angela & Amy

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