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In the past few months I've done monthly inspiration board posts showing pictures and products to keep as inspiration, but I thought I'd switch it up a bit! I decided to add in monthly goals so I can share what I'm working on, what I have going on during the month, and help me stay on track with what I want to get accomplished for the month!

Here are my August Goals...

Save money & create a budget...
I'll be the first to admit it... I am not the best at keeping track of my finances! I need to save more money than I currently am, but I also have to stay on top of my bills I have to pay! I've been working on trying to come up with a budget and system to help manage my money. Any and all tips and recommendations are appreciated!!

Get a new backpack for school...
I am in desperate need of a new backpack before heading back to school this fall and I am so torn on which one I want! I want it to be practical since being a commuter I haul so much stuff to campus and back, but I still want it to be cute, ha! Here are a few of my favorites that I've found so far...

Go to a baseball game...
Going to baseball games are one of my favorite things to do during the summertime, but I haven't been to a single one this summer yet! Luckily for me I already have tickets to a minor league baseball game in a few weeks, and I'm planning on going to a major league game before going back to school!

Go to the donut and beer festival...
This month I'll be turning 21 and to celebrate I would love to go to our local donut and beer festival! If you know me you would know donuts are basically my favorite things ever- so put donut tastings with beer and cider tastings you have my dream birthday celebration!

Get ready for recruitment and bid day...!
Recruitment on my campus is just a little over a month away now and I couldn't be more excited! I've been collecting my outfits for our recruitment weekend and now all I need is to start collecting fun stuff to wear for bid day! Since I went through Informal recruitment in the winter semester this will be my first formal recruitment/ bid day celebration and I'm so so excited!

What are your goals for August? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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