Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hello, and happy 2016! To kick off the start of what is going to be the best year ever, we made a round-up of our favorite desk essentials inspired by the pantone colors of the year! Rose quarts and serenity are two of our favorite colors, and together they're even more beautiful. Just imagine a desk topped off with all these gorgeous goodies-perfect! In case you need any further convincing that you have to add these beauties to your cart...

This gold dot notebook would be perfect for jotting down all those boring lecture note or for writing down your daily to-do's in style. 

You need this sassy mug from Ashley Brooke Designs to sip your coffee from each morning because you did wake up like this, and you're ready for anything!

This journal, because we all know that every bright idea starts off with a cup of coffee. 

I bet this candle smells just as pretty as it looks! I'm imagining it on the corner of my desk while I plan out my day every morning.... bliss!

These pens are perfect to write down our things to do, places to go and people to see. (PS- these are some of my favorite pens, I never go a day without using one!)

This adorable print from Evelyn Henson would be perfect to hang right above your desk as a year-long reminder to ditch the drama (and save it for the llama...)

These scalloped note cards are perfect for valentine's day! Who wouldn't love a hand-written note on these beautiful cards?

Thank you so much for reading! We've got a bunch of fun posts we can't wait to share in 2016, so make sure to check back soon! PS- we've finally set up our pinterest account and we've been pinning up a storm! Make sure to follow along because our pins are pretty exciting.... hint: a recipe for homemade donuts is involved and you don't want to miss out.


  1. Love the new Pantone colors too & I love all of Evelyn's prints..they're so cheerful--perfect to brighten up a dull winter day!-Katelyn The Yellow Spectacles

    1. We do too- I feel like everything I have been buying recently has been one of these colors, I'm obsessed! Evelyn's prints are the best, I want one of each to hang on my wall!