Friday, April 15, 2016


Happy Friday! This week has been a long one, especially with the start of finals! If you're anything like me and have been camped out in the coffee shop since Monday you definitely deserve to treat yo'self! Lucky for you we've rounded up some of our favorite finds from this week to brighten your day!

If you live in a place that is cold 8/12 months of the year (ahem Michigan...thanks for the snow storm last weekend!) I'm sure you start collecting new winter gear in April too, but this jacket  was too cute to pass up! Its even perfect for chilly spring days! If you want a little bit of a deal, I found it here for 20% off!

Now onto some springtime fashion... I just bought this Lilly top and am loving it! It's the perfect, casual fit for a simple t-shirt that you can style tons of different ways!

Speaking of Lilly, I just noticed these shorts on their website. Athletic shorts are my jam for the summertime since they're comfy and so easy to throw on, Thinking about adding them to my collection!

Is anyone else super excited about Emily Ley's new book?! I can't wait to read after flipping through the preview! You can pre-order here

S'well water bottles are my favorite and they now sell them at Target! They come in tons of different colors and patterns but I'm especially loving this one!

I just got this pair of sunglasses and I've been wearing them nonstop- even more than my higher-end ones! (PSST, they're only $20, you need these!)

I don't really need a new backpack for class... but this one has a removable cross-body bag! How cool is that??

Loved this article from Ashley Brooke about working from home!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you all have a great weekend!

Amy & Angela

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