Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hello and happy Tuesday.  As you know we are huge fans of the Day Designer.  Over the years we've both used a Day Designer and absolutely loved it (you can read it here) so you can imagine our excitement when they launched a line at Target.  I mean come on...what a great collab.

Right now we're having a give away for one of the Day Designer styles.  Check out our insta page to enter.

Keep reading for more details on one of our favorite designs.

For starters, don't you just love the first page.  It's so stylish and sets a very positive first impression. I don't always fill out the first page but it's still fun to stop and look at it every once in awhile.

These next few pages are such a great addition and I'm dedicated to use them this year.  The first page is all about the 'Big Picture'.  This page is intended to write down your dreams, ideas and visions.  I honestly can't wait to carve out time to do this.  It will be a great tool to reflect on and look back over throughout the year.  The next page is all about setting goals...personal, family, friends, heart/spirit, financial and work/career/study.  The third page helps you design your days to set yourself up to be successful.  The last page is designed to help you stay on course.  

Since these pages are so well designed I'm looking forward to using them to stay on course and remind myself of what's important.

One of the reasons we selected this planner is for the above layout.  I love, love, love having a 2 page monthly spread.  I use these pages to jot down high-level blog ideas, insta posts, and sometimes dinner ideas.  I really like the weekly sheets for appointments, after work activities and business meetings.

Well I hope you liked a deeper dive into this awesome Day Designer.

We plan on doing a few more of these planner reviews so stay tuned :-)

Amy and Angela

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