Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer is finally here and we are loving every minute of it but part of us wish we were still kids and had the time off.  It's kind of a tease to have the first day of summer be on a Monday where most of us had to work. Why is it not a national holiday so people can have an extra long weekend...  

Whenever I work from home during the summer I always have good intentions to try working outside on my back patio.  But I have to be honest it doesn't exactly work out like I thought it would.  For instance, it's so sunny that I can't see my computer screen, I can't find the right amount of shade, the wind blows my papers all around and not to mention the bug distraction.  On really hot days I've given up the idea of working outside and just settled on the window with the best possible natural light.

Since my view is not all that spectacular other than having an abundance amount of natural light I thought I'd bring the view to all of you.

Check out our new Pinterest board for more offices with a view and in the meantime here are some of our favorites.

Check back all week for fun posts celebrating the start of summer.

Amy and Angela

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