Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Now that the summer heat is in full swing it's time to step up my make-up products.  Just a few weeks ago I woke up to snow flurries and now the temps are staying steady at 80 degrees.  You can only imagine the havoc this can wreak for your skin. The heat and humidity can definitely change my skin from being very dry to now very oily.  I recently stopped at Macy's to find the perfect combo for my current skin condition.  I can't tell you how happy I am with the products I picked up.

Here's a run down:

1. Smashbox Photo Finish: I have to be honest I was a bit skeptical it could actually do what it says it can.  Such as "reduce fine lines, absorbs oil, matte finish...".  Let me be the first to say I'm now a full believer.  In the summer I get very shiny and oily and this stuff works wonders.  After the shower I still use my daily Aveeno Moisturizer  then I add the photo finish right on top.  I give it a few minutes to set before adding my foundation.  This is my new summer must have!!

2. Tarte setting powder: This stuff blew my expectations away.  I honestly thought I was a sucker at the makeup counter and getting talked into yet another powder that will end up in the back of my makeup drawer.  At first I didn't think it really did much until the day I forget to put it on.  This is now a must not forget finish to my make up application.

3. Bare Minerals Finisher Brush: I also have to give credit to this amazing brush for why I love the setting powder so much.  The brush is really the softest brush I've ever used.

4. Kate Spade Walk On Air Rollerball perfume: I wish you could smell through the computer because this perfume is my absolute favorite.  It has a perfect summer scent of every flower bottled up into one.  And the rollerball makes it easy to throw in my bag for quick re-applies during the day.

Last but not least...this necklace was a major MUST HAVE!!!  Nordstrom's has the best Kendra Scott assortment I just couldn't pass on this staple.  I've worn it with several outfits and I know it will be my go to summer accessory.

So there you have it...a few of our summer must haves.

Hope you enjoy!

Angela and Amy

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