Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Want to know why this time of year is so exciting for us girls at File to Style.  Agendas, agendas and more agendas. It's the time of year all the traditional academic favorites are making their comebacks as well as the new brands making their debuts.  I can't even tell you how hard it is for us gals to resist getting our hands on a new crisp planner so instead of fighting the urge we just give in so we can share our thoughts on each and every agenda with our loyal readers.

Both of us started our love for agendas with the classic Lilly Pulitzer monthly academic agenda.  It's so hard not to fall in love with the fun prints, bold colors, classic layout and inspirational quotes.  Maybe it's nostalgic to get excited and wrapped up in all the hype for the Lilly agenda launch but there's no way we couldn't run out and get our hands on the newest design as soon as they came out.

This year I decided on the Exotic Garden print.  I mean what's not to love starting with the cover to the first few inside pages.  I absolutely love the sticker options but do wish they gave more than 1 page.  I know I'll use more than 1 mani/pedi sticker in the next 12 months. Nonetheless they are fun, witty, and practical.  The prints are almost too cute to leave tucked away in the agenda all year.  I may take them out and incorporate into my inspiration board.  Once you see them in person you'll understand why it's a shame not to use them as art.

The month layout is very similar to previous years and has always worked very well for me.  I noticed the monthly tabs are nicely reinforced so they will hold up for the next 17 months.  One of my favorite touches on the monthly pages is the 'To Do' column on the right.  It's a great spot to jot down those must not forget items so they are front and center.  

One of the biggest switch ups I did this year was deviate from buying the typical layout with the month and weeks to this new monthly layout.  You'll notice in the picture below, rather than each day of the week having it's own section, each week of the month has it's own.  Since I'm the half of File to Style not in school I don't see myself using the day sections like I used to but I do see myself making notes of what needs to get done for that week.  

One of my favorite features of a planner is the section dedicated for notes.  I have to honestly say I'm a little disappointed there's not more pages and the note section is actually shared with addresses.  Seems a little out of place but I'll have to see if I end up using all the pages anyways.

I know some of you may be wondering if we are actually going to use all these agendas we're doing reviews on.  Well the answer is YES!  In some way, shape or form we will give each planner a trial run.  My ultimate plan for my new Lilly Agenda is to keep it on my desk and use for blog planning. Having it on constant display gives me a sense of peace and immediate inspiration as soon as I sit down.  I promise to post little snippets of the planner throughout the year on our insta page so don't miss out.  Hope this helps make your agenda decision a little easier.

p.s. If you're wondering where those super cute, perfect planner, pink and navy striped pens came from I suggest you follow along on our insta page.  We may or may not have a new product to launch soon...very soon :-)


Angela and Amy

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