Thursday, July 28, 2016


For those of you who have been following us on Instagram you may have seen some sneak peaks of our flagship product.  After years of trying to find the perfect pen we decided to stop looking and just design our own.  But before we do any kind of formal launch we need to get our business details worked out and get all the administrative aspects organized.  Us File to Style gals love a good organizational project so we headed to...wait for it...Target.  I know we're so predictable :-) Our timing lined up perfectly with the Sugar Paper and Target collaboration.  We really went for timeless pieces that met our basic file needs as well as being stylish...our main motto.  

Magazine Rack - I was really looking for something to store file folders since I'm kinda limited on space and don't have a separate file cabinet.  Since this is designed to hold magazines it has plenty of room to hold a lot of file folders.  It's really a quality piece and looks great sitting off to the side in the corner.  I also love that it's multi-functional and can always move it to my family room to hold magazine in the future.

File Folders - These folders are so durable and sturdy they work great in the magazine rack.  Over the past year I've collected folders from different brands and although they are stylish they are so flimsy and totally bend when trying to display.  I have to honestly say I'm so impressed with the quality of these files especially for the cost.  12 folders for $5.99 is a great deal.  Not to mention they have a very simple and sophisticated look they will never go out of style.

Pencil Cup - I actually went to 2 different Target stores to track down this beauty.  I knew this stylish and affordable piece would be perfect for holding our new pens and it did not disappoint.  I absolutely love the way the pens they look displayed on my desk.

Tape Dispenser and Washi Tape - This is truly a dynamic duo.  I don't normally use scotch tape so I instantly knew I was going to use it for the washi tape.  I use washi tape all the time in my planner and notebooks.  It helps highlight things like project due dates and block off things like vacations.

Weekly/Monthly Planner - This planner has proved to be a perfect business partner for me.  I'm able to use the monthly spread for blocking off time and pencil in product timelines.  Then the weekly pages are great to get more detailed.  What I love about the weekly layout is all the days of the week are listed on the left page and the right page has a 'this week' section and 'remember~notes~to do' section. Both sections are checklists which is so helpful when working with multiple tasks such as launching a site and blog planning.

Post-It Notes and Sticky Flags - I was really happy to find out these sticky notes were made with the same high quality as traditional post-it notes.  I don't know about you but I can't stand sticky notes that don't stick.  I mean what's the point...right?  I use sticky notes all day long and by the end of a work day they are on my desk, computer, planner, and files.  I've picked up several packs just to stock up.

I'm pretty sure I'll end up picking up a few more items but I had to draw the line somewhere :-)  

All of the products I mentioned are still on and stock is very limited at the stores so I suggest to buy what you want now so you don't miss out.

Angela and Amy

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  1. Please bring back the white faux leather magazine rack