Thursday, July 7, 2016


Shopping for a planner can be difficult... especially if you're like me! Since I've yet to find my "signature planner" I have a mental checklist of things I do and do not want. Most things I've learned from trial and error with other planners. Not to say the other planners I've used weren't great, however they just weren't practical for me in one way or another. 

For example, some things I've been looking for are a simple layout with nothing too colorful or distracting, a section for monthly calendars, a weekly spread and paper thick enough that my LePens won't bleed through. After some research I've found that the Rifle Paper Co. planner meets all of my needs! Bonus: The cover is so file to style!

First off, I really like the size of the planner- it's compact at the size of 6.75 x 8.25. Perfect for your backpack or tossing in your purse since it won't take up a ton of room! The inside cover has a beautiful gold print as well as a spot to write your name. Throughout the planner it sticks to a very basic color scheme, which I wanted so I could use my own colored pens without it looking too busy. 

The tabs on the side are reinforced to make sure they last all year long! I also love the front page with the signature Rifle Paper Co. flowers and lettering. You'll see that It will stick to that theme throughout! Very feminine and delicate.

The first section of the planner is for important dates. It has a list of the 2017 holidays as well as a place for you to write down birthdays and anniversary for each month of the year.

The next section is for notes. I like that this planner gives a pretty generous amount of note pages. Here I like to write down important information I know I'm going to need throughout the academic year- for example, my school's online information and my class schedules for each semester!

I'm very particular about my pens- especially the ones I use in my planner. I really love the LePens because of all the colors they come in and since they make my handwriting look nice! Since the LePens have a felt tip and I tend to write pretty hard I'm always nervous they will bleed through. Since I was curious I tested my LePens against our ballpoint pens to compare and I'm happy to report that neither of them bleed! 

One of the things that sets this planner apart from others I've tried is that all of the month by month calendars are in a separate section than the weekly planning pages. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like it, but once I sat down and put all my dates in it- I became a fan! Having all the months together makes it easier to plan out everything and flip back and forth when needed.

I love the way the weekly pages are layed out. It was one of the main reasons this planner stood out to me! Each day is separated into two columns with little check boxes- reminds me of a bullet journal style. Since I will typically have two classes a day starting in the fall, I think the two columns will make it really easy to stay organized! This set up is also good for daily to-do lists!

Another thing I love about this planner are the inspirational quotes for every week! I'm a sucker for quotes, so I was so excited that Rifle Paper Co. decided to incorporate them for every week!

As If this planner couldn't get better- in the waaaay back there is a section for addresses and contacts! I have a lot of town family and I love to write handwritten notes and thank you notes, so having a spot where all the addresses I need is really helpful for me! 

Finally, there is a pocket in the back to hold all of your important paperwork. This pocket is especially helpful because it has a little ruler on the side! Talk about attention to detail. 

All in all, I'm very impressed with this planner. Every detail seems very well though out, and the planner in general looks very user friendly. I can't wait to start using it next month and put it too the test! I'm especially thrilled that I can use my LePens knowing they won't bleed though! Stay tuned for an update on how I'm liking it as well as how I organize it sometime next month!

Thank you to  Rifle Paper Co. for this beautiful planner and amazing customer service! We will be lifelong customers for sure!

Angela & Amy


  1. Finally a proper review where someone actually bothers to do the all important pen 'bleed' test. Thank you so much!

    1. We're glad you enjoyed it! Let us know if there's a planner you'd like us to review in the future! Pen bleeding is one of the most important things when picking out a new planner.

  2. Thanks for giving a review as to whether pens bleed through the paper! I've been researching planners for several hours. I finally decided on the Rifle Paper Co. planner, but I was worried about bleed thru. Now I can buy with confidence!