Monday, August 15, 2016


Happy Monday, everybody! We hope you enjoyed your weekend, this weekend we've been preparing for the busy back-to-school season- cleaning out backpacks, thinking up healthy lunch ideas and of course running over to our local Target to stock up on school supplies! We thought it would be fun to bring you along as well as share some of our BTS favs!


Even though it seems like we own a million planners between the both of us, we can't help ourselves when we see pretty planners! How can you resist simple gold dots or pretty florals? If you only get one thing before heading back to class this fall, you definitely need a good planner to keep track of your crazy busy life!


If you read our college school supplies list we posted last week, you would know about my love for binders! There are so many perks about staying organized with binders... they'll last forever, you can customize them from the front cover to how you organize it on the inside and you can even double up on binders for classes to save room and a little bit of money! Seriously, you can't go wrong.


Okay, so technically washi tape isn't a necessity when you're back-to-school shopping... but it's so fun! With a few rolls of washi tape you can do tons of fun back-to-school DIYs like decorating notebooks, pencils, or even your laptop or locker! Personally I love using it in my planner just to make it look fancy and fun!


In my opinion heading back to class is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite skincare items, or even pick up a few new goodies to add to your routine! Skincare is so important, especially during the school year when you're relying on coffee to stay awake and pulling all-nighters to cram for that math test- your skin needs the TLC. I rounded up some of my favorite drugstore buys below...
CeraVe eye repair cream- Even though I'm only 20, getting in the habbit of using an eye cream is important! It will help with aging down the road, but it will also keep your eyes bright and awake during class! This is the best I've tried so far and it's under $15!
Simple micellar cleansing water- Not only does this product remove all of my makeup (even waterproof mascara!) but it gives my skin a nice cleanse before I go in with my favorite cleanser!
CoverGirl clump crusher- This is my favorite mascara, and it's so inexpensive since it's from the drugstore! This curls my lashes and makes them look really pretty, so easy to swipe on in the morning before heading to class.

Thanks for stopping by and happy school shopping!

Angela & Amy


  1. There are so many different back-to-school items now-that if I was in school-
    it would be so hard to pick!
    Cute picks!

    1. I know, everything is so cute! Thanks for reading!