Monday, August 1, 2016


August is my favorite month of the year for many reasons...

1.) It's my birthday month- whoo hoo!
2.) All the fall stuff becomes available in stores. Everything from school supplies to cozy sweaters I love it all!
3.) And most importantly, the academic planners finally start!

With the return of the midyear planners and the first day of school right around the corner we decided to share with you our favorite planners that will keep you stylish and organized throughout the whole year! Since we believe both fashion and function are important when it comes to picking out a planner, we included our file and style favorites for each. Happy planning!


File favorites: One of our favorites parts about this planner are the monthly and weekly calendar pages. The monthly pages are big, so if you have to write down your work schedule, school schedule and social calendar it will all fit perfectly! The weekly pages are also roomy so you can keep track of all your important due dates and tests.

Style favorites: Not only is the outside of this planner beautiful, but the inside is decorated just as vibrantly with pretty Lilly patterns! How can you not look forward to organizing your assignments when your planner is that pretty?


File favorites: We love that this planner has a whole page for each day! This helps you stay really organized when you have a lot on your plate. There is a section for a daily to-do list, hourly planning, notes and even a section to plan your dinner!

Style Favorites: The inside of this planner isn't very colorful or decorated at all, so if you don't want something as flashy as a Lilly planner this would be perfect for you! Also, since the colors are so simple, it gives you a ton of room to be creative with your washi tape and stickers!


File favorites: This planner is actually really unique- the monthly pages are in a completely different section from the corresponding weekly pages, and the weekly pages are set up like a to-do list for each day. I wasn't sure how I was going to like this planner because of those two reasons, but after I put all my information inside, I ended up loving it!

Style favorites: Like the Day Designer planner, the color scheme inside of this planner is very simple so I've been having fun customizing it using colored pens and pretty washi tape! Also, this planner has a new quote for every week, a little detail I love!


File favorites: This planner has a ton of room for notes as well as space to write in the monthly calendar! What's unique about this planner is you can personalize it- so you can get a vertical, horizontal or even hourly weekly spread!

Style favorites: Just like the inside of the planner, you can personalize the outside too! You can pink the colors, design and even add things like monograms and pictures! 

Angela & Amy

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