Thursday, August 11, 2016


One of my favorite things about the back-to-school season is shopping for fresh school supplies! However, since college kids don't usually get one of those fancy shopping lists telling you everything you're going to need for each class, I've had to figure out my own organization system and come up with my own shopping list. With this being my third year in college already (omg I'm getting old?!?) I have this whole organization and note-taking thing down to a science... or at least pretty close! Today I wanted to share what I think are the most important supplies you'll need to get through the upcoming school year- I even put together a fancy shopping list you can save to your phone and bring with you to target so you get everything you need to succeed!

1.) Planner- In college you need a planner. Without one, you'll be lost- trust me. There are so many more assignments, test dates, projects, etc. that you'll need to keep track of, as well as a job or any extra curricular activities you're planning on joining- and if you think you can just remember everything without writing it down, you're wrong. There are so many fun planners out there you'll definitely be able to find one that fits your lifestyle!

2.) Binders- Personally I like to use binders to organize my notes- that way I can reuse them each semester and I don't feel bad about wasted paper that was left over. These are my favorite to use because they're so durable and under $4! You also can't forget the filler paper and cute dividers!

3.) Cute notebooks- Although binders are my go-to, I can't help but get one or two notebooks from the back-to-school section! Notebooks are always a good thing to have on hand just in case a teacher actually requires you to use one. Plus, how could I not get this donut notebook??

4.) Pencil pouch- Of course you need a cute new pencil pouch to hold all of your favorite pens, pencils and highlighters!

5.) Index cards & sticky notes- I go through index cards like water! These really work when you use them to study material for a test. Also, I like to use sticky notes in my textbooks as an alternative to actually writing in them so at the end of the semester I can go back and remove them in hopes of getting a few more $$ back when I resell!

6.) Backpack- Finally, you need a cute backpack that fits alllll the things! I purchased a backpack from Madeline & Co. last year when they first came out and I still love it! Seriously, it fits so much- and mine has my school colors on it!

Hopefully this post was helpful during BTS shopping!

Angela & Amy

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