Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I recently received the Pottery Barn Teen magazine in the mail and seriously feel in love with something on every page.  A cup of coffee later and dog ears on every page I'm convinced there's something for everyone in this catalog.  Neither of us here at File to Style have the luxury of having a separate space designated for just an office so we both have space set aside in our bedrooms.  In order to use the space wisely I tend to find desks, chairs, accessories  designed for small spaces like teen rooms or dorm rooms almost the perfect size for what I need.  But we all have dreams right? check out our Dream Desk pinterest board for more inspiration.

Here are a few items I have my eye on:

Bulletin Board: Who doesn't need a good quality bulletin board to pin ideas,  motivational quotes, reminders and pictures to keep you inspired while you work.

Desk Organizer: These items are probably the most crucial for keeping order on any desk.  When I found this set that includes a pencil cup, magazine caddy, and divided tray in hot pink I knew it was love at first sight. Oh and if hot pink isn't your thing don't worry they have the most amazing turquoise and gold polka dot options to choose from. 

Desk and Storage: After I got over the initial love affair with the blue and white striped walls...swoon. I absolutely feel in love (a 2nd time) with the desk and the amount of storage.  I really like how there's 2 work areas and it doesn't take up that much space.  If we're having an impromptu blog meeting or I'm working while my kids are doing homework this is the perfect set up.  

Well I'm off to finish my cup of coffee and convince my husband why blue and white striped walls are a good idea...wish me luck :-)

Amy and Angela

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